Environment: Introduction

This section provides strategies for dealing with challenges you may face in establishing a supportive classroom environment for Deaf/HH students.

Items such as proper lighting, acoustics, and visual access are critical to successful inclusion of Deaf/HH students. Sometimes conditions are optimal and modification are not needed. Other times, modifications are necessary.  What can you do to ensure that the classroom environment is accessible for Deaf/HH students?


Finding Material

We’ve organized the material in this web site into short, readable sections with names like “Lighting,” “Safety,” and “Group Work.” As you seek information about challenges you face centering on deaf and hard-of-hearing students look for words in the four columns above that match your particular situation.

Think of the topics in the menu at left like a large collection of suggestions that can help you in the teaching/learning process with your deaf and hard-of-hearing students. Under each topic you’ll find material organized into challenges and accompanying strategies. You’ll also find links to related topics in the collection, as well as occasional video segments that help to clarify the issue.

In addition there are occasional handouts. These are provided for your use, and are provided in a format that will allow you to open those files, modify them as needed, and they distribute them to your students. For example there is a handout with communication interaction rules for deaf, hard-of-hearing, and hearing students when working together in groups.


We’re always interested in knowing what you think. If you don’t find a topic that relates to the issue you face, or if the material is not helpful (or even if it is), please contact us. We’ll help if we can.