Directions for Labs


Suppose that you frequently hand out written directions for laboratory science procedures. You routinely alter basic procedures that appear in the lab manual to make them appropriate for specific situations, and often have to announce last-minute changes once lab is in progress.

At the start of lab, you ask the students to open their books and then you state the changes. Deaf/HH students have to read the manual, look at you, and follow the interpreter/captionist – all at the same time. This can lead to confusion.


  • Discuss any changes during lecture preceding the lab.
  • Send an e-mail or post information that details changes to lab procedures.
  • Give students handouts with the changes.
  • If the changes cannot be detailed until you are in lab, prepare a slide with the changes, or write it on the board. Display this during lab so that students can refer to it. 
  • Be consistent in the way you communicate information to students and access service personnel so they know where to access the information.
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